New U.S. States open for travel to Costa Rica

There was an update provided in a press conference by the Government Authorities, regarding entry into Costa Rica, several more U.S. States will be authorized to enter Costa Rica, joining the U.S. States already authorized. New State, starting September 15th: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Rhode Island. States already admitted: New York, […]

Update on the driver’s license and homologation.

If you have been in the country as a tourist, since or after December 17th 2019, please know that you can use your license until November 18th 2020, but you must also carry your passport. If you are a temporary or permanent resident, a refugee, or if you have a work permit, and you needed […]

Entering Costa Rica. An update.

There was an update by the Government Authorities, regarding entry into Costa Rica, several more U.S. States will be authorized to enter starting September 1st and 15th, below are more details: From September 1st 2020: New York New Jersey New Hampshire Maine Vermont Connecticut Maryland* Virginia* District of Columbia (DC)*. From September 15th 2020: Pennsylvania* […]

Costa Rica is opening its borders with the U.S.

Good News! Costa Rica will start receiving tourists from several states in the United States of America beginning September 1 st. Here’s the list:– New York– New Jersey– New Hampshire– Maine– Vermont– Connecticut The government also announced that Colorado, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania will be the next states to beallowed entry in a future date. The […]

Costa Rica is opening flights from new countries.

Costa Rica is now receiving foreign tourists from several countries and national residents. There was an update of the countries allowed to enter Costa Rica, as follows: There are 8 new countries authorized to enter Costa Rica: Australia and New Zealand. Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Thailand. Uruguay. Canada, the United Kingdom and the European […]

Planning to visit Costa Rica? Here’s what you need to know

UPDATE As of the 6th of August 2020, tourists can enter Costa Rica with an international travel insurance with covers medial, hospital and lodging expenses generated by the Covid-19 disease. Costa Rica is receiving foreign national tourists and residents. Here’s what to know if you plan to visit: You can fly in from Canada, United […]

Changes in Immigration Policy (July 2020)

URGENT NOTICE Immigration Offices (DGME) closed until September 18, 2020 On the 8th of July 2020, the Immigration Office in Costa Rica published a new Resolution (RESOLUCIÓN N° DJUR-0105-07-2020-JM) extending the current closing of offices and extending the date for the reception of new applications until September 18th. The office that analyzes the application submitted […]

Extension of New Immigration Policies

The following report is regarding the extension of the immigration policy that is currently in place in Costa Rica. This policy affects Residents, Special Categories and Estancia, both current ID holders, as well as applicants with a filling receipt.