Costa Rica is opening flights from new countries.

Costa Rica is now receiving foreign tourists from several countries and national residents. There was an update of the countries allowed to enter Costa Rica, as follows:

  • There are 8 new countries authorized to enter Costa Rica:
    • Australia and New Zealand.
    • Korea, Japan, Singapore, China and Thailand.
    • Uruguay.
  • Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union nationals remain accepted for travel into Costa Rica.
  • Please contact us regarding requirements if you are traveling from these destinations.

As well, Costa Rica is now accepting international traveler’s insurance that covers medical and lodging expenses, that derive from the Covid-19 disease. The National Insurance Institute (INS) as well, has reduced the price of the travel insurance policies they offer, in order to provide accessible insurance to everyone. You can find it here.

For any questions regarding immigration matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following e-mail, and we will help you as soon as possible: migracion@ilacr.com.


Immigration Branch

Thank you https://www.facebook.com/alvaroaguil for putting this document together.